Unique Controls

Solar Clock Graphic Art
Solar Clock
Use the solar panel to automatically set a clock which knows the time of dusk, dawn, and the current time of day
ARS3 Control
All Ready Charger
Model AR-S3
3 Amp
24 Volts
24V System, 12V Panel
6 Volt Control
Model S2L2-6V
2 Amp
6 Volts
Solar Clock Option
Auto Ignition Switch
Auto Ignition Switch
When a vehicle turns on, the load turns on automatically

Model AIS4A
4 Amp
12 or 24 Volts
VS0.5A High Voltage Switch
High Voltage Switch
Model VS0.5A
0.5 Amp
28 to 100 Volts
RC12V Rugged Charger
Rugged Charger
Model RC12V
1 Amp
12 Volts
LVD16 TEG Control
Thermo Electric Generator (TEG) Control
Model LVD16
16 Amp
12 or 24 Volts

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